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Double Coffee 
Come join “TheCeļotājs” visit to one of the many Double Coffee® shops located through Riga Latvia.
The first Double Coffee® restaurant was opened on 26 September 2002 in Riga, 15 Stabu iela. At the moment we have opened 14 Double Coffee® restaurants in Riga, one in Jurmala, 2 in Vilnius Lithuania, 8 in Kiev Ukraine, 2 in Minsk Belarus and soon we are planning to open restaurants in Moscow and Sochi.
The idea of Double Coffee®
The unique idea of Double Coffee® a combination of comfortable atmosphere and excellent coffee, prepared by our professional baristas from selected varieties of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta South Africa, infects a nice even balance of acidity and bitterness, freshness and completeness of taste. Double Coffee® is a trendy urban restaurant, where in addition to a cup of coffee or tea you can enjoy excellent cuisine and also enjoy delicious desserts.
“Double Coffee® is the quality mark, which guarantees a high standard of service to meet the expectations of clients at all restaurants bearing this mark”.
Double Coffee® Product
Design of the espresso – cappuccino cafe is formed in such a way as to create a cozy, comfortable and at the same time stylish place for enjoying coffee. Logotype of the cafe, finishing of the premise, solution of lighting, the bar counter and the personnel uniform, advertising materials – all these are related to coffee, its color tones, aroma and taste.
Double Coffee® is an ideal place for private talks, solving work issues and for evening fun. The basic difference from other cafes is that with us it is possible to taste over 50 various coffee making recipes. Double Coffee® is especially created to allow you to enjoy top quality coffee and in addition a lot more– tea, juices, cocktails, snacks, breakfast, confectionery, desserts. This allows the clients of Double Coffee® to switch off from their everyday problems.
Double Coffee® also offers a business lunch, dinner with friends, but for small gourmet special children's offer - octopus, cars, robots and many other dishes will be judged appetence young guests
Coffee and everything associated with it is our means of intercourse and communication.
SIA „DC Restorāni”
Brivibas iela 57-28
Riga, LV – 1010, Latvia
Phone: +371 67 29 78 58
Fax:       +371  67 29 78 62
Marketing Manager
Ilona Jaroša
Mob.phone: +371 26 19 84 40
Franchising Director
Juris Roganovs
Mob.phone: +371 29 55 82 22