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 Touring Riga Latvia Is A Journey Though Time
Rozengrals Medieval Restaurant 
Come join “TheCeļotājs” visit to the Rozengrâls Medieval Restaurant located at Rozena iela 1.
This medieval restaurant takes diners back to the year 1293, where they can experience authentic cuisine from centuries past. A great restaurant for a unique evening out!
Visitors to Riga Latvia will enjoy dining out at Rozengrâls. The menu is a fun mixture of food and history. One will eat the same barley cakes that King Phlip I ate every Sunday in the 11th century. Or maybe you prefer to try rabbit meat with prunes and cedar nuts, a dish served at Isabella of Bavaria's wedding feast in the 14th century. The most modern items on the menu appear to be coffee and fruit juices. Overall, the menu appears well researched as well as appealing to modern taste buds.
The atmosphere is of the staff is dressed in medieval costume, peasants, court jesters, and noblemen and women will make diners' experiences interesting. The cellars in which the restaurant is located are located 10 meters below grand level and were mentioned in writing as early as the year 1293 as the most ancient wine-vault and festival place of the Riga City Council. By candlelight, guests will be served generous portions of food, entertained with the music of the evening, and maybe have a run in with a chain mail clad knight or two.
During excavation of the wine cellar “Vinarium Civitatis Rigensis” an ancient matrix for stamping of coins was found. It was restored by specialists and now they can offer a remake of the ancient copper coin of the year 1293 in commemoration of visiting Riga and the restaurant “Rozengrâls”.
Rozengrâls Medieval Restaurant
Rozena 1
Rīga, Latvija
Phone: +371 6 7224 748
Fax:       +371 6 7220 356
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Working hours: 12:00 - 24:00